It’s the historic duckyard!

WPC Anthony escorts ducks across the Naval Base
WPC Anthony escorts ducks across the Naval Base

Top American admiral visits Portsmouth Naval Base

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ANY working naval base is bound to be full of hazards at every turn.

So this mother duck needed a helping hand getting safely across Portsmouth Naval Base with her ducklings.

She escorted her chicks, under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Defence police, to the safety of one of its vast basins.

They then plopped into the water off a 4m ledge, but not before an in-house photographer at BAE Systems snapped this picture.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: ‘We believe they were hatched on the naval base, probably somewhere near the pond at HMS Nelson.

‘They then decided to make their merry way across the base. When they appeared on the road the police escorted them to safety to one of the basins, where they dropped in one by one and off they went.’