It’s the incredible hull! HMS Illustrious stops in Dublin

GREEN GIANT: HMS Illustrious visited Dublin. Picture: PO(Phot) Ray Jones
GREEN GIANT: HMS Illustrious visited Dublin. Picture: PO(Phot) Ray Jones
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BATHED in green light, HMS Illustrious has paid a visit to Dublin after a two-week role in a huge military exercise.

The Portsmouth-based helicopter carrier took part in Exercise Joint Warrior off the coast of Scotland until last week.

She then powered south through the Irish Sea and berthed at Alexandra Docks in Dublin for the weekend.

The warship’s crew brought along a number of green lamps and a projector to light up their ship.

Commander John Voyce, Lusty’s marine engineer officer, said: ‘We were delighted with the end effect.’

As part of the visit, the Irish music and dance troupe Ragus went aboard for an evening of traditional dancing as the hangar was transformed into a stage.

Two of the ship’s sailors were presented with certificates to celebrate their Irish heritage.

They were 25-year-old Able Seaman Andrew Liston and 31-year-old AB Aaron Canwell.

Andrew’s grandfather hails from Limerick and served with the Royal Hampshire Regiment in the Second World War, while Aaron has Irish grandparents.

Exercise Joint Warrior is Nato’s largest exercise. It involved several Portsmouth-based ships including HMS Illustrious, Diamond, Richmond, Westminster, Hurworth and Brocklesby.