Libyan forces fire on HMS Liverpool

FIRED UP HMS Liverpool fireing Sea Dart missiles on a training exercise
FIRED UP HMS Liverpool fireing Sea Dart missiles on a training exercise

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COLONEL Gadaffi opened fire on HMS Liverpool last night.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that the Libyan regime fired a ‘salvo of rockets’ at the Portsmouth-based destroyer which is on patrol off the coast of Misrata.

The rockets missed Liverpool. The ship suffered no damage and none of Liverpool’s sailors were injured in the incident.

The Royal Navy warship returned fire with her 4.5 inch gun and destroyed Gadaffi’s shore-based artillery.

In a statement, Chief of the Defence Staff Strategic Communication Officer Major General John Lorimer said: ‘At sea, the destroyer HMS Liverpool, whilst engaged on surveillance operations off the Libyan coast, was tasked with other NATO warships to intercept small high speed inflatable craft spotted approaching the port of Misratah; similar boats have previously been used by the regime to attempt to mine the harbour. The regime artillery on the coast fired an inaccurate salvo of rockets at Liverpool, whereupon she immediately returned fire with her 4.5” gun, which silenced the shore battery. As a result of the prompt action by HMS Liverpool and the other NATO warships, Colonel Qadhafi’s boats abandoned their operation.’