Liverpool sees action in Libyan firefight

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PORTSMOUTH-based HMS Liverpool has come under fire off the coast of Libya.

The Type 42 destroyer was sent to the warzone at the end of March to help enforce the NATO naval blockade as part of Operation Unified Protector.

It has been reported that a Libyan missile launcher sent a number of rockets towards the warship, but did not inflict any damage.

Liverpool returned fire on Colonel Gaddafi’s forces and its 4.5ins main gun sent several shells towards the shore in the early hours of Wednesday.

The attack came after she fired a barrage of illumination rounds in support of an air attack on the regime stronghold of Zlitan.

No casualties were suffered by the ship’s crew during the exchange and the MoD were unable to confirm if the battery was destroyed.

Liverpool, which has a crew of around 280, joined another Portsmouth-based frigate, HMS Westminster. Before coalition forces became involved, Gaddafi’s warships reportedly launched strikes on civilians from the sea.