Long day to see in the new year for Royal Navy sailors

Sailors on board HMS Protector on New Year's Eve
Sailors on board HMS Protector on New Year's Eve
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WITH nearly 24 hours of daylight, the ship’s company of HMS Protector were up all night seeing in 2015 close to the Antarctic Peninsula.

That far south the nights are very short so at midnight the sun has not fully set and all around the ship it was still clear and bright.

So, with mugs of tea and coffee, members of the ship’s company, including sailors from Portsmouth, welcomed in the new year on the bridge.

For them, New Year’s Eve started with a Bulgarian research base inspection at Ohridiski, before Protector moved to Deception Island to inspect a Spanish research base.

Dr Pavel Sladky, advisor to the deputy minister for foreign affairs of the Czech Republic, said: ‘It has been a pleasure being on board a Royal Navy ship and working closely with the crew and other scientists in this beautiful, but harsh, environment.’

Deception Island is formed from an extinct volcano crater, the centre of which is navigable through a narrow channel, and it was there HMS Protector sailed.

She will continue her patrol throughout the early part of 2015 before returning to the UK.