Long-standing chaplain bids farewell to HMS Collingwood

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There was a fond farewell for a long-
serving baptist minister at HMS Collingwood.

Reverend Roland Wort has said his goodbyes as he has departed the establishment for the last time after 26 years’ service within the Royal Navy.

Roland, who lives in Winchester with his wife Sharon, said: ‘I’ve had a very interesting and enjoyable time in the Royal Navy.

‘It’s been a great privilege to be a chaplain ashore and afloat.’

After finishing his studies in maths at Cardiff University and acquiring experience as a baptist minister, Roland wanted to apply his skills within a challenging chaplaincy environment and first joined the navy in 1981.

Enjoying the busy and diverse role of chaplain, his career has seen him provide pastoral care to all service personnel regardless of faith and beliefs.

Roland’s final role has seen him working within HMS Collingwood for the third time in his career.

He has previously served across the world on various ships and shore establishments which were all within the Portsmouth area. In 2013 he became one of four Royal Navy chaplains to be given the title of Honorary Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen.

He has also received the Telic Medal for serving on HMS St Albans in the Indian Ocean.

The highlights of his career have involved working across the Far East in places such as Singapore, Vietnam 
and Thailand, along with spending four months working with the Royal Australian Navy.

Being a dedicated supporter of Southampton Football Club and Hampshire Cricket Club, he is now looking forward to spending more time attending matches.

He has also decided to serve as a 
chaplain within the Royal Navy Reserves and become a baptist minister in his local area.

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