Major overhaul of aging minehunt in Portsmouth are ‘on track’

Ollie Hall, who was killed whilst clearing mines in Syria. Photo: YPG/PA Wire

Gosport man killed clearing bombs in Syria is hailed an ‘outstanding example of courage’

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KEY upgrades to one of the Royal Navy’s minehunters inside a new engineering centre in Portsmouth are ‘well on track’.

Ageing minehunter HMS Brocklesby has been undergoing a major refit project to replace her engines and internal systems.

The refit is taking place in the new Vernon Complex at the Portsmouth Naval Base and is being conducted by BAE Systems with a spokesman saying the work is ‘on schedule’.

The site, which was opened in May at the formerly abandoned shiphall, is an engineering centre of excellence and will help to revamp the Royal Navy’s fleet of minehunters, based in the city.