Marines play at school

The 10,000th trainee passes through the MCTS training facility at HMS Collingwood. AB(WS) Matthew North at his consul during a simulated missile attack

Royal Navy training hub in Fareham marks its 10,000th trainee

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MUSICIANS from the band of HM Royal Marines at HMS Collingwood have performed to hundreds of school pupils.

Six musicians from the band visited Peel Common Junior School to perform at the Christmas fair.

After introducing the band members and the instruments they played, Sgt Matt Michell then invited some of the students to join the band for a few songs.

Headteacher Andy Clarke said: ‘We would like to pass on our thanks to the Royal Marines Band for taking the time to come and play for us.

‘It was a truly lovely experience for the children and the staff.’

As well as being performers, members of the Royal Marines Band are trained to support military and humanitarian operations around the world.