Mary Rose: The main deck

The main deck of the museum. Picture: Hufton+Crow
The main deck of the museum. Picture: Hufton+Crow
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IT IS hard to believe the artefacts stretching along the main deck of the museum are real.

From the guns and their carriages to the woodworking tools and medical equipment, the items look so well-preserved they could be replicas.

But they aren’t – everything in the museum is from the 16th century.

The main deck is the first level of the museum visitors walk in on.

From the light reception area, there is an air lock which takes you to the darkened centre of the building which houses the ship and her artefacts.

John Lippiett, the chief executive of the Mary Rose Trust, said: ‘The exhibition is breathtaking, but our challenge now is to get our visitors to accept that everything they see behind glass comes from the Mary Rose.

‘A common comment at the moment is that it is “beyond belief”, so when you walk around the exhibition, please keep pinching yourself and accept that these are not replicas.’

The main deck contains a gallery on the history of King Henry VIII’s ship, information about the men who lived and worked on the main deck, and information about the day she sank.

There is also a reception area with café for visitors, which leads onto an outside deck area for people to sit in the sunshine – and for museum workers to take a break from the dimly-lit interior.

The museum’s shop is also found on the main level.