Memories of the war relived for exhibition

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THE National Museum of the Royal Navy is building 
a new exhibition called HMS – Hear My Story.

In support of Armed Forces Day, it is posting a different memory of the armed forces every day this month. Today’s memory is from Corporal Leonard John 

At the age of 17, Cpl Elliot joined the Royal Marines during the First World War.

In July 1916, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

He spent four days in no-man’s land, injured and without food, after trying in vain to save a wounded 

His commanding officer wrote a letter to his mother, explaining Cpl Elliott was found alive, and that he had won the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Another memory comes from a man called Midshipman Acheson, who served on HMS Kent.

He recalled the loss of Walrus, which crashed in Scapa Flow because it landed with its wheels down causing it to tip onto its back.

He said: ‘Towed back to the ship and quite a few people saw the body of the pilot caught between the wings, which were underwater.

‘The pilot slipped off and sank like a stone.

‘A very unfortunate incident.’

People are being invited to submit their own memories of the Royal Navy – whether they have served or not.

The best memories will be included in the exhibition.