Men in forces more likely to commit crime

Pte Tom Canwell from Portsmouth, on alert against enemy attacks during war games in Germany

Army battalion face a tough battle in German war game

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YOUNG men are more likely to commit a violent crime if they have served in the armed forces.

A report in the medical journal The Lancet looked at a study of 14,000 military personnel who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Marines from the Portsmouth area served in Afghanistan, while the Royal Navy and Marines were involved in the Iraq conflict.

The report showed troops who have been in combat, are more likely to be involved in violent offending back in the UK.

Men who had seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan were 53 per cent more likely to commit a violent offence than those in non-frontline roles.

It also found that 20.6 per cent of 2,700 men serving in the armed forces aged 30 or under had been convicted of a violent offence, compared with 6.7 per cent in civilians.