Mike Hancock MP: Losing shipbuilding in Portsmouth is a ‘tragedy’

James Rhodes from Waterlooville with the medal he and his surviving shipmates have have been awarded for their work on the supply convoys which helped The Netherlands during the second world war     
Picture Ian Hargreaves  (181100-1)

Merchant navy veteran ‘elated’ with war medal after seven-decade battle for recognition

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STOPPING shipbuilding in Portsmouth with the loss of hundreds of jobs is a ‘tragedy,’ according to MP Mike Hancock.

Mr Hancock spoke out as BAE Systems staff prepared for an announcement on job cuts.

He said: ‘I think the government are making a big mistake.’

Mr Hancock branded the fact news leaked last night before an official announcement was made to workers ‘despicable.’

He said: ‘People in Portsmouth have lived with this hanging over their heads and now for it to leak out so that people heard last night on the media, not even from their employer or the government what is happening is despicable.’

Mr Hancock added: ‘It’s a real blow, not only for the workforce and a personal tragedy for the families, but for the region as a whole and for us as a community.’