Minehunter heads off for Nato operations

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ROYAL Navy minehunter HMS Quorn set sail for Glasgow today, where she will rendezvous with a Nato task group destined for the Baltic Sea.

She will join Standing Nato Mine Countermeasures Squadron 1, a multinational force of minehunters conducting exercises in the Baltic region in support of Nato operations.

Throughout the three-month deployment, the ship, which will take over from HMS Pembroke, will operate closely with Nato allies in waters off northern Europe, conducting exercises and disposing of historic ordnance which might pose a threat to shipping using this busy area.

Quorn passed the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth at around 9.10am this morning.

HMS Quorn is one of the Royal Navy’s Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessels.

Built by Vosper Thorneycroft Shipbuilders, in Southampton, HMS Quorn was commissioned in 1989.