Minehunter to head off on mission in the Med

HMS Brocklesby
HMS Brocklesby
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SAILORS on board minehunter HMS Brocklesby are trading the British winter for the warmer waters of the Mediterranean.

The Portsmouth-based ship is heading off on a four-month NATO mission, working as part of a multinational force.

They will carry out joint training exercises and work to keep the sea lanes safe.

Able Seaman (Diver) Ben Gaskell, 23, said: ‘Having only recently joined Brocklesby, my first ship, it has been brilliant to put all my training into practice and learn from my shipmates.

‘I’ve been doing lots of diving and underwater bomb disposal. Now I’m really looking forward to deploying and doing the job.’

HMS Brocklesby is expected to pass the Round Tower at around 11.10am on Monday.