Mordaunt says Arctic Medal announcement is ‘a great moment’

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Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt described the decision to award an Arctic Medal as a great moment.

‘It is a really great day’ she said. ‘It’s a great moment and it’s proof that if you think you’re right on something and you think there has been an injustice, you shouldn’t give up.

‘There have been plenty of times Eddie Grenfell could have thrown in the towel but he didn’t.

‘We think this campaign has been hard fought but compared to 24 hours of what they did, it’s nothing.

‘Although it’s sad many people are not around to see the medal, it’s very important that there is a legacy for the future.

‘I had a very frank conversation with the Prime Minister about it and I had confidence he would do everything he could and push it through.

‘I think it’s really a testament not just to the emotional campaign but also the hard work that people have put in to explain the facts.

‘The News has played a big part in that.

‘It would be very easy for a local paper to just run on the emotions but from the start, right up to the present day, The News has kept the facts in the public view.’