MP’s role means having ‘face-to-face time’ with defence ministers

NOT QUITTING Penny Mordaunt
NOT QUITTING Penny Mordaunt
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Walrus-Class Submarine 'HNLMS WALRUS' of the Royal Netherlands Navy inbound to Portsmouth on a weekend visit.
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PORTSMOUTH North MP Penny Mordaunt has fought off critics who say she should resign her role as Parliamentary private secretary (PPS) to Philip Hammond.

As a PPS to the defence secretary, Ms Mordaunt is effectively banned under the rules from 
speaking in the House of Commons about issues affecting the department.

Critics say this compromises her ability to stand up for Portsmouth in the chamber.

But Ms Mordaunt says the role enables her to have face-to-face time with defence ministers, in which she can talk about Portsmouth’s interests.

She said:‘Giving up face-to-face time with defence ministers at this stage is not something I am keen to do.

‘I am not compromised when it comes to getting my views out there or doing my job.

‘It would be easier for me to throw my toys out of the pram and do something that makes life easier for me, but I would lose influence and it would be harder for me to get my views across.

‘It is not a paid role and what I do is help Philip Hammond with Parliamentary matters.’

The Portsmouth MP has met with BAE Systems and is to hold urgent sessions with concerned workers.