MP’s tribute to Arctic heroes

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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PORTSMOUTH South MP Mike Hancock said today that Arctic veterans fully deserved a medal.

Mr Hancock says he is all but sure that Prime Minister David Cameron will announce that the brave men involved in The Arctic Convoy missions will finally get their reward at today’s Parliamentary Questions session.

The Arctic Convoys, first ordered by Winston Churchill in 1941, saw 66,500 British sailors run a sub-zero gauntlet of German planes and U-boats to keep the Soviet Union fighting in the war.

‘I have been involved in the campaign for 20 years at least,’ he said.

‘Once they get this medal it will be an amazing tribute to the perseverance of Arctic convoy veteran commander Eddie Grenfell and others, some of whom have sadly died.

‘Sadly previous governments have denied these people the right to something they deserved a long time ago.

‘The News has done a fantastic job of keeping on top of the issue.’