Mum to brave aid run for refugees after Paris attack

Lucy Webb with partner Afeez Yussuf
Lucy Webb with partner Afeez Yussuf
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A MOTHER from Havant has told how she was nearly moved to tears after hearing the harrowing story of a Syrian family in France almost murdered by Islamic extremists.

For the past few months Lucy Webb has been organising aid runs to refugee camps in France for those fleeing the war-torn country, with her latest one taking place next week.

Speaking of her last aid trip to Dunkirk, the 26-year-old said she was moved by the distressing ordeal of one man and his two-year-old child forced to flee their home after terrorists attacked.

‘He said that Isis came to his village in the middle of the night. He told me how they had to run from their home,’ recounted mum-of-two Lucy.

‘He told me that as he was fleeing, Isis was actually shooting at them while they were driving away.

‘Then when he got to the border he was being shot at because they thought he was Isis.’

The Dunkirk camp is home to about 1,000 refugees, from Syria and Iraq.

Many have made the dangerous voyage overseas into Europe, with some selling all their worldly possessions to pay for the trip

Lucy added speaking to the Syrian father had left her ‘quite emotional’.

‘What they have witnessed is not worth repeating. It’s unimaginable.’

Lucy will be organising her next aid run on Friday, supported by her partner Afeez Yussuf.

It will be the fourth aid mission she has made to France, which is still reeling from the Paris terror attacks.

Lucy added that, since the murderous assault on the French capital, it was now more important than ever to support the innocent refugees left stuck in Europe.

She said: ‘I just can’t bear to see people living like this.

‘You wouldn’t wish it for an animal or your worst enemy. They’re all victims of terror, we have to remember that.

‘I am worried they will be forgotten because of the attacks in Paris.’

Lucy is now urging the residents of Portsmouth to donate to her effort.

She’s appealing for donations of cooking oil, bags of sugar, tea bags, long-life milk, biscuits, tinned fish, toilet rolls, salt, rice, baby wipes, chocolate, tinned fruit and tinned meat – but not pork.

For more details or to help, email