Mystery of cross found in hedge

This bone cross was found in a hedge
This bone cross was found in a hedge
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THIS unusual crucifix was found in a hedgerow close to a farm near Petersfield.

Now, 40 years after its discovery, Petersfield Museum is eager to find out more about the history of the artefact, which is made from animal bone.

Dr Kathrin Pieren, curator of Petersfield Museum, explained: ‘According to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the cross looked similar in style to carvings made by French prisoners of war held in Britain during the Napoleonic Wars.

‘Between 1793 and 1815 about 200,000 prisoners were brought to Britain.

‘Some of these men were held near Portsmouth including places such as Portchester Castle.’

Rosalinda Hardiman, collections’ manager at Portsmouth City Museum, confirmed that it might have been made by one of these prisoners.

Dr Pieren added: ‘Many prisoners were skilled craftsmen and sold their work to the locals to give them a little extra money.’

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