Naval trainees battle it out in sporting contest

The 10,000th trainee passes through the MCTS training facility at HMS Collingwood. AB(WS) Matthew North at his consul during a simulated missile attack

Royal Navy training hub in Fareham marks its 10,000th trainee

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TWO naval training establishments battled it out in a series of sporting activities.

HMS Collingwood in Fareham and HMS Sultan in Gosport took part in The Battle of the Bases in a friendly rival competition with trainees challenging each other in games of football, rugby, female tag rugby, hockey and timed assault course runs.

Taking full advantage of home turf, HMS Collingwood won the football, rugby, superteams and assault course events with the hockey clash ending in a draw. HMS Sultan triumphed in the female tag rugby event.

HMS Collingwood returned triumphiant and new captain Rob Vitali RN presented the trophy before both teams enjoyed a dinner together.

Leading physical trainer Sam Howard, who helped organise the event, said: ‘This fixture not only gives opportunities for those involved to play competitively but also an opportunity to showcase navy sport for both HMS Collingwood and HMS Sultan’s newest sailors.’