Navy chief’s warning on renewal of deterrent

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IT WOULD be ‘irresponsible folly’ for the next government not to renew Trident, a former head of the Royal Navy has warned.

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band is one of 20 former defence chiefs to have signed a letter to The Times saying a decision against renewal would be irrevocable.

They added that the submarines would have to stop patrolling the seas straight away in that case as credibility in the system would be lost.

‘In an uncertain world where some powers are now displaying a worrying faith in nuclear weapons as an instrument of policy and influence, it would be irresponsible folly to abandon Britain’s own independent deterrent,’ the letter read.

Trident is a system of submarine-based nuclear missiles, based on four boats.

At any time at least one of them is at sea, on patrol, somewhere in the 

It is operated by the navy and based at the Clyde Naval Base on the west coast of Scotland.