Navy launches Sting Ray

TESTING TESTING The dummy Sting Ray torpedo
TESTING TESTING The dummy Sting Ray torpedo
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THE Royal Navy launched a dummy Sting Ray torpedo into the sea as a training operation.

The ship’s company of Portsmouth-based HMS Westminster tested the anti-submarine Sting Ray torpedo missile to ensure it would be capable for future performance.

After visible contact on the ship’s sonar display, Petty Officer (Under Water Warfare) George Linehan, the ship’s Anti Submarine Warfare Director received approval to launch.

PO Linehan said: ‘To actually press the “fire” button and launch really adds a sense of realism to the training.’

A lot of effort has gone into the welfare of the system and its performance.

CPO Weapon Engineering Technician Gunter Batten said: ‘I get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement knowing that all my hard work in maintaining the system has paid off.’

The torpedo was recovered by the ship’s sea boat

before being hoisted back on board.

HMS Westminster will remain in the Gulf and return to the UK later in the month.