Navy makeover for the 12 days of Christmas

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IT IS a traditional Christmas carol – but as you have never heard it before.

The Twelve Days of Christmas has been given a nautical rewrite by Royal Navy sailors serving on Portsmouth ships.

A shot from the navy video

A shot from the navy video

They joined submariners, air crew and Royal Marines to make up their own lines for the song.

The new Royal Navy version of the song, peppered with naval slang terms, goes:

‘Twelve drummers drumming,

‘Eleven miles of piping,

‘Ten tankers razzing,

‘Nine medics lancing,

‘Eight wets with milk in,

‘Seven divers swimming,

‘Six marines are hoofing,

‘Five Sea Kings,

‘Four call the hands,

‘Three writers’ pens,

‘Two nuclear subs,

‘And a festive sea shanty.’

By each singing a different line, sailors have now produced a video to go with their song.

Portsmouth-based HMS Kent, which spent Christmas Day in the Gulf, added the line: ‘eleven miles of piping.’

Surgeon Lieutenant James Watson, the ship’s doctor, said: ‘Being away from home at Christmas is always difficult, but we have a job to get on with wherever in the world we are.

‘Creating this video was a bit of fun for all involved and it was great to see so many of our boys and girls around the world getting involved.

‘We just hope our families and friends back home appreciate the video and know that we are thinking of them.’

n You can watch the video at