Navy makes a hut 
a home for charity

The 'Project Beach Hut' team
The 'Project Beach Hut' team

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REDECORATING a beach hut requires a slightly different set of skills than repairing Royal Navy helicopters.

But civilian workers and members of the Portsmouth-based 1710 Naval Air Squadron (1710 NAS) did a good job of fixing up a large red and white beach hut for charity.

Since being commissioned as a naval air squadron, 1710 NAS has been affiliated with the Beneficial Foundation, a Portsmouth charity for people with special needs.

The charity wants to use the hut, on Southsea seafront, as a base to sell gifts and help raise funds. But first the hut, which has been donated to the foundation by Portsmouth City Council, needed a coat of paint, new window shutters which were hand made by the naval team and repairs inside and out.

Leading Aircraft Engineering Technician Chris Morrell said: ‘It is great to get involved with local charities and help out with projects like the beach hut.

‘It’s very rewarding to be part of this transformation and hopefully will help the Beneficial Foundation out in the future.’