Navy makes gold medal hero take test

TEST Lt Pete Reed
TEST Lt Pete Reed
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AFTER scooping a gold medal in the Olympics, you’d think rowing champ Lieutenant Pete Reed doesn’t need to prove he’s in good shape.

But the 31-year-old naval officer isn’t been given any preferential treatment by his commanding officers.

He was hauled down to Portsmouth last week to take his annual fitness test which ,unsurprisingly, he passed.

Lt Reed, who also won gold in the 2008 Beijing Games, was put through his paces at HMS Temeraire in Burnaby Road and ran the mile and a half test in nine minutes and 21 seconds – well inside the navy’s 12-minute limit.

He said: ‘I could feasibly be the fittest sailor in the navy at the moment, but no one gets a free pass.

‘I am a trained rower, not a runner so I am pleased to have clocked a fast time and an “excellent” rating. Anything less wouldn’t seem right with two Olympic golds hanging around my neck.’

Passing the navy’s fitness test is an annual requirement for sailors to maintain readiness for active duty.

Personnel can choose either a 1.5 mile run or a bleep test, both of which have pass standards determined by the age of the person running.