Navy saves fishing ship from rocks in second brave rescue in four days

Portsmouth-based ship HMS St Albans rescuing a fishing boat off the coast of Plymouth.
Portsmouth-based ship HMS St Albans rescuing a fishing boat off the coast of Plymouth.
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ROYAL Navy sailors have saved a second boat from disaster in just four days.

Sailors from Portsmouth-based HMS St Albans rescued the Lady Ellen fishing boat after it suffered an engine failure and was in danger of smashing into rocks at Rame Head in Plymouth Sound on Wednesday.

Luckily, the frigate was only two miles away when the crew issued a mayday call.

Brixham Coastguard co-ordinated the responses to the alert, sending HMS St Albans in the hope that her marine engineers could restart the engine.

But when aboard the engineers decided the engine failure required repairs in Plymouth.

Sea boats sent from the navy ship then towed the fishing boat away from the rocks before handing her on to the pilot cutter Tamar Racer.

The commanding officer of HMS St Albans, Commander Andrew Block, said he was proud of his crew’s efforts.

He said: ‘We will always offer assistance to nearby seafarers – saving life at sea, regardless of who it is, is the first rule of any sailor.

‘I am very proud of my ship’s company who reacted quickly and instinctively, ensuring that the crew of the Lady Ellen came to no harm.’

After the rescue the ship and her crew were able to continue with her trials.

It comes days after an impressive joint effort by fishery protection ship HMS Severn and HMS St Albans’ sister ship HMS Lancaster, when they saved the holed ocean-going tug Christos XXII from sinking in Torbay on Sunday.