Navy ship helps with refugee rescues

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PORTSMOUTH sailors helped to rescue more than 100 refugees adrift in the Mediterranean.

HMS Bulwark was despatched to the Mediterranean to help tackle the migrant crisis, which has cost the lives of nearly 1,800 people.

The 19,000-tonne assault ship picked up 110 migrants after inspecting a suspicious rubber boat.

With the help of the Italian coastguard, the migrants were taken to land.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: ‘HMS Bulwark, working with the Italian coastguard, investigated a large rubber boat with approximately 110 individuals on board.

‘The individuals were rescued using Bulwark’s landing craft before being transferred on to the Italian coastguard’s vessel.

‘Everyone was transferred safely and HMS Bulwark remains on task.’

Prime minister David Cameron said the refugees would not be offered asylum in the UK.