Navy veteran makes a return to former base 50 years on

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A FORMER Royal Navy sailor paid a visit to the heritage collection at a navy base in Fareham – half a century on.

Malcolm Bernhardt, now 70, served at HMS Collingwood 50 years ago as a Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic (LREM).

The ex-serviceman volunteered to run the establishment’s museum after the previous curator had died.

During his tenure Malcolm spent time cataloguing items and made notes about some of the items in several copies of the electrical review book.

Fifty years on he contacted the current curator of the collection to ask if he could return to see if his notes had survived in the books.

Much to his delight, on calling in he discovered note after note and offered to type them up properly on his laptop.

Malcolm said: ‘I wanted to come back and see the electrical review books that I made notes in. I’m delighted to find them still in place.’

The Heritage Collection is made up of historic equipment ranging from the first radar transmitter used in the navy, to the first telephone exchange system used at HMS Collingwood.