New canes upholding traditional Royal Navy role

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THE Second Sea Lord has presented nine proud Warrant Officers with new canes to mark their position.

Vice-Admiral David Steel presented nine Portsmouth Naval Base Warrant Officers with the canes in a ceremony on board HMS Victory.

The canes are carried as a badge of honour and distinguish this position from other ranks within the shore base.

The Base Warrant Officer is the most senior non-commissioned officer at an establishment and is a key adviser to navy command on issues such as welfare, morale and personal development.

The Warrant Officer of the Naval Service, Steve Cass, said: ‘Those that were able to take time off from their busy schedules to attend were delighted with the new canes, which along with the other measures will help reinforce their status.

‘The Base Warrant Officer role was created over 10 years ago and the original soft wood canes were in need of replacement.

‘The Base Warrant Officer is the key upholder of values and standards and the role is a challenging but prestigious one that many aspire to.’