New images offer a teasing taste of life on Royal Navy ship

A computer generated image of HMS Queen Elizabeth
A computer generated image of HMS Queen Elizabeth
The HMS Queen Elizabeth tree decoration

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SAILORS stand on the flight deck of the navy’s newest aircraft carrier while a procession of jets take off in the background.

These images will not be a reality for a few years yet, but shipbuilders have released a series of new computer-generated pictures showing what operations on HMS Queen Elizabeth will look like.

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance – a consortium of defence firms involved in building the carrier – have released the images as the flight deck of the actual ship is nearing 

Ian Booth, the programme director for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, said: ‘There are 10,000 skilled people involved in creating these two ships in the UK, and together we are making tremendous progress.

‘The first, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is now almost fully assembled and we are looking forward to her taking to the water for the first time next summer.’

These new images were developed by designers at the Aircraft Carrier Alliance and show the ship as she will look when she enters service, complete with helicopters and F-35B Joint Strike Fighter jets.

Two carriers are being built for the Royal Navy, both of which will be based in Portsmouth.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to be launched next year before embarking on sea trials.

Last week, defence secretary Philip Hammond told a conference he wanted to see the second carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, brought into service.

Under current plans, it will not enter service and instead will be immediately mothballed.

Mr Hammond said the costs of bringing the second carrier into service were small, given the cost of building it.

But he warned the £70m operating fees would have to be found by cutting something else instead.

Ultimately, the decision will be made in the Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2015.