New Royal Navy helicopters is a roaring sight

ARRIVAL A Wildcat lands on HMS Lancaster
ARRIVAL A Wildcat lands on HMS Lancaster
HMS Queen Elizabeth

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PORTSMOUTH-based warship HMS Lancaster has welcomed one of the Royal Navy’s new helicopters.

The Wildcat aircraft landed and took off during a flying demonstration in front of South Korean naval aviators, who were on an eight-day trade visit across the UK.

They are seeking to buy a new helicopter to fly from their new FFX class frigates.

The aircraft is the newest Agusta Westland helicopter – the AW 159.

The Royal Navy will receive 28 new aircraft from the Ministry of Defence, with the first entering service later this year.

HMS Lancaster’s commanding officer, Cdr Steve Moorhouse, said: ‘As a former Fleet Air Arm officer it is fantastic to witness first hand this capable aircraft operate from Lancaster.’

Sean McElliott, Agusta Westland senior product marketing manager, said: ‘I am delighted we were able to show our most technologically advanced helicopter performing at sea to Captain Im and his team.’