New twist in hunt for missing navy sailor in Dubai

MISSING Timmy MacColl, pictured with wife Rachael
MISSING Timmy MacColl, pictured with wife Rachael
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THE desperate search for a missing Royal Navy sailor in Dubai has taken a fresh twist after new information came to light about the night Timmy MacColl disappeared.

A bouncer at the club the 27-year-old from Gosport was last seen at in the early hours of Sunday, May 27, says the missing sailor left in a taxi with a man and a woman – not alone as was previously reported to police.

The new information was volunteered after Timmy’s uncle, Neil Cunningham, 42, flew out to Dubai in a bid to raise awareness about the father-of-two who was visiting with the Portsmouth-based warship HMS Westminster.

Timmy’s family, including his pregnant wife Rachael, are desperate for news.

Abdul Majid, who works as a doorman at the Rock Bottom club in Bur Dubai, said: ‘He left with a man and a woman. They looked European and she had yellow hair. They seemed to be friends and to know each other.’

The Egyptian security man, who said he’s been interviewed by Dubai police, told he recalls Timmy arriving at the club just before midnight on Saturday, May 26.

He said: ‘He was drunk and at first I said he couldn’t come in but two friends came out and said they’d look after him, so I let him go.’

Once inside, Mr Majid said Timmy was found curled up sleeping so staff woke him and took him outside.

The bouncer steered him to the front of an adjoining hair salon where the drunk Scottish sailor sat on stairs for around 20 minutes.

Staff recall Timmy zig-zagging along the pavement towards the Regent Palace Hotel, where he spoke to man known only as Colin, who is a British expat and a regular at the Rock Bottom club.

He also spoke to a woman of Asian appearance.

Mr Majid said: ‘Timmy then went to a taxi and opened the door. I’m 100 per cent certain a man and a woman got in the taxi with him.’

Mr Cunnigham has gone to Rock Bottom to try to jog the memories of club-goers and taxi drivers about Timmy.

He said: ‘I just want Timmy to know I won’t stop looking for him. The fact I’ve been in the places where he’s been and to the places he described to Rachael on the phone and by email has just made me feel closer to him and closer to finding him. Rachael can’t be here herself. She’s pregnant and not in any condition to travel. If the worst did happen then the only bit of Timmy she has left is inside her.’

It’s also emerged Timmy went to the opening of the new Ducati Caffe at Dubai Mall on Friday May 25, where he was pictured with British Moto GP racer Nicky Hayden.

It’s thought Timmy was probably wearing a red polo shirt he was given as a gift at the Ducati Caffe. He was also wearing blue and white Hawaiian-style shorts and blue and white flip flops.