Nine things you may not know about HMS Gloucester

HMS Gloucester pictured in 2011
HMS Gloucester pictured in 2011
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As the former HMS Gloucester leaves Portsmouth for the last time, here are nine facts about The Fighting G.

1. The ship was built at the old Vosper Thorneycroft shipyard at Woolston in Southampton

2. She was launched in 1982 by the Duchess of Gloucester

3. The Type 42 destroyer established links with the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment and with the City of Gloucester.

4. In the Gulf War in 1991 she hit the headlines after firing a salvo of Sea Dart missiles to destroy an Iraqi Silkworm missile launched at the US battleship USS Missouri. It was the first missile-to-missile engagement by any naval ship.

5. She returned from the Gulf with a nickname that would stick - The Fighting G.

6. In 2006 she evacuated British nationals from Beirut to Cyprus amid the Israel-Lebanon conflict,

7. In 2010, the Uruguyan government denied her access to Montevideo in a fall-out from the dispute over Falkland Islands sovereignty.

8. She was decommissioned on in June 2011.

9. She was the last remaining Type 42 destroyer to leave Portsmouth bound for the scrapyard.