People from far and wide mark the commemoration events

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PEOPLE from across the city and beyond made a big effort to attend the commemorations which went on late into the evening.

Jim and Ann Taw from Milton came down to Guildhall Square to pay their respects.

Jim, 64, said: ‘This is good. People should remember the war that went on 100 years ago.

‘People tend to forget but it shouldn’t be forgotten.

‘We have both got relatives who died in the First and Second World War. We want to pay our respects.’

Carole and Graham Sweet travelled down from Cheshire for the commemorations and used the time to visit the historic dockyard.

Carole, 70, said: ‘My father was a serving officer in the navy for 30 years. He joined in 1917 and served until I was two in 1946.

‘I wanted to be here where he had spent quite a lot of his time. We heard there was an event here.

‘I think it’s important that these events happen because the younger people need to be aware of what everybody did for them in order for them to live a life of freedom like they do today.’

Barrie Prescott, 74, from Hayling Island, said: ‘It’s the First World War and it must not be forgotten.

‘It’s very important to make sure that the younger generation understand what went on.

‘There are some people here who have lost relatives in the war.’