Phil’s double shift earns him an MBE

Lieutenant Commander Phil Dennis
Lieutenant Commander Phil Dennis

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MINEHUNTER captain Lieutenant Commander Phil Dennis has been made an MBE after doing a double shift in the Gulf.

The 40-year-old from Southsea was called in at short notice to take command of HMS Quorn just three months after returning home from a seven-month patrol in charge of HMS Middleton.

The back-to-back deployments came just weeks after he married his wife Holly, 30, who is a navy logistics officer.

He said: ‘It was a big ask in terms of domestics.

‘I’m very lucky to have a very tolerant wife.

‘It’s very humbling and I’m honoured to be recognised in such a way. It does recognise the commitment we both had to put in.’

Lieutenant Holly Dennis said: ‘We are really thrilled. I’m so proud.

‘He was away 14 months of the first 18 months of married life. It was not particularly easy.

‘Because I’m in the navy as well, whenever he was coming back I was away.

‘Our married life only really started when I left Plymouth in April this year.’

Also honoured was Tigers commander Lt Col James Coote, 41, of Fareham, who was awarded an OBE.