Platform will show off new views of historic submarine at Gosport museum

SPRUCE UP HMS Alliance as she undergoes restoration work
SPRUCE UP HMS Alliance as she undergoes restoration work
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VISITORS will soon be able to see a new side of HMS Alliance.

Workers are nearing the final stages of building a platform beneath the historic submarine as part of a £6.5m restoration project.

UNDER WAY Workers at the submarine HMS Alliance

UNDER WAY Workers at the submarine HMS Alliance

A watertight enclosure is being created beneath the boat at Gosport’s Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

They are now filling up the space with rubble to build the platform.

It means restoration experts will have complete access to HMS Alliance when they start returning her to her former glory later this year.

Jason Lowe, the project manager for HMS Alliance, said: ‘One of the most amazing things is being able to see her from underneath.

‘Looking up and seeing her looming over you is brilliant.

‘People will not only be able to go inside the submarine but around her and underneath which is a completely different perspective.

‘People coming here next August will see a very different thing.

‘They will see an absolutely great HMS Alliance once she is fully restored, which is great because she is looking very sad at the moment, and they will be able to see these new views.’

The £6.5m restoration project started in October with piles being drilled into the sea bed at Haslar Lake.

Mr Lowe added: ‘All of the piling has been completed and we have completed most of the first phase on time.

‘I have been involved with the museum for about seven or eight years and I was thrilled to be involved because it is such a unique project. It’s an interesting challenge.’

The restoration is expected to be finished in time for the summer of 2013.

Until then, access to the submarine will be limited for a few small periods during the museum’s quietest times of the year.

There are exhibitions and events planned to take place at the museum during those times.

Eventually it is hoped there will be state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems to fill the submarine’s decks with the sounds of machinery and shouting submariners.

There will also be better access for disabled visitors.