Portchester teenager is class leader in his navy training

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A ROYAL Navy recruit from Portchester has a promising career ahead after being named class leader in his naval training.

Trainee engineering technician Christopher Moore, 17, was selected as class leader at his 10-week course at HMS Ranleigh in Cornwall.

Despite being the youngest in the class, the former Portchester Community School pupil will take charge of his class in the absence of the instructor.

He will transfer to HMS Collingwood after his training is complete where we will begin professional training to specialise in weapons engineering.

Christopher is following in the footsteps of his father Carl, a former Royal Navy chief petty officer, and his brother Thomas, 19, who is serving at the Royal Naval Air Station in Cornwall.

He said: ‘Initial training has been the biggest challenge of my life and I have learnt so much during my time here.

‘We’ve been put under a lot of stress and pressure to see how we deal with it and I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my fitness.’