Portsmouth-based HMS Severn takes on patrols in the North Atlantic

HMS Argyll in the foreground and HMS Severn in the background
HMS Argyll in the foreground and HMS Severn in the background
Members of the Screaming Eagle Living History Group from Farnham including General Patton.''Picture: Keith Woodland (180297-02)

Military awe brought to life at show

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DRUG-BUSTING sailors have handed over their duties to the next warship to head on patrol in the North Atlantic.

Portsmouth-based HMS Severn has taken over from HMS Argyll and will spend the next six months tackling drug smugglers, assisting with any natural disasters in the region and providing reassurance to overseas territories.

The two shops rendezvoused as part of their official handover, sailing in close proximity and using HMS Argyll’s Lynx helicopter to transfer vital stores.

Lieutenant Commander Steve Banfield, Severn’s commanding officer, said: ‘Today marks the culmination of months of preparation and training to get the ship ready for success on operations.

‘My ship’s company and I are very much looking forward to commencing the varied and complex task ahead of us and are very proud to be given the opportunity to show the Royal Navy as a force for good.’