Portsmouth-based warship in £100m cocaine bust

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Royal Navy sailors have seized cocaine worth £100 million in a drugs bust near Puerto Rico.

Sailors from HMS Lancaster seized 680kg of pure cocaine, made of 22 bales, after boarding a speedboat near the Caribbean island, the Ministry of Defence said.

The boat, which was hidden by a tarpaulin, had been spotted by a US Customs and Border Agency aircraft, prompting the bust.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond praised the crew’s work today, saying: ‘This extraordinary quantity of drugs has been stopped from reaching the streets by the swift actions of the Royal Navy, working closely with the US Coastguard.

‘This is HMS Lancaster’s second counter narcotics patrol in the Caribbean to tackle the drugs trade and the entire ship’s company should be proud of this remarkable achievement.

‘This is another example of the skills and capability that mean our Armed Forces are held in high regard by our partners around the world.’