Portsmouth bomb disposal team help successfully remove V2 rocket

Investigation launched as RFA ship begins listing in Portsmouth Harbour

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ROYAL Navy and Army bomb disposal experts from Portsmouth have successfully removed the remnants of a V2 rocket which was submerged off the English coast.

A four-foot-long section of the German Second World War missile was pulled from mudflats at low tide on the River Stour between Harwich and Felixstowe in Suffolk on Saturday.

A six-man team from the navy’s Horsea Island-based bomb disposal unit identified the rocket and worked with the Army’s 101 Engineer Regiment bomb disposal team to lift the section of weapon from the mud on to a barge.

They had first excavated around the lowest part of the V2 to discover that the warhead section was not there – meaning there was no safety risk to the local population.

A section of the rocket has now been donated to a nearby sailing club.