Portsmouth leader’s anger as court rules tax-payers to pay for convicted rapist’s travel costs

Donna Jones has told of her anger at a controversial High Court verdict
Donna Jones has told of her anger at a controversial High Court verdict
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PORTSMOUTH City Council’s boss has told of her anger after a High Court judge ruled the tax-payers would have to pay for the travel expenses of a convicted rapist and failed asylum seeker from Cosham.

The jobless asylum seeker smokes 35 cigarettes a day – but refuses to give up his habit to pay for travel expenses from his home to Kent to see his young son.

The Iranian national, who for legal reasons can only be identified as MG, won a ruling that the Home Secretary’s refusal to pay up was an ‘unjustifiable interference’ with his basic human rights.

The news has since angered Portsmouth’s Tory council leader Donna Jones, who branded the move as ‘grossly unfair’.

Speaking to The News, she said: ‘Situations like this have got to stop. Britain is already broke.

‘We can’t afford to be subsiding people like this with tax-payers’ money.

‘It’s grossly unfair. He has absolutely played the system.’

She added: ‘While I believe in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act I would urge the Home Secretary to review this asylum application as soon as possible.’

Cllr Jones said this case highlighted the importance of the Conservative’s long-promised referendum on whether Britain remains in the European Union.

‘This is yet another example of where Europe, imposed here through the Human Rights Act, is dictating to the British authority how we should be managing and dealing with atrocious situations like this.’

However, the city’s Labour leader, councillor John Ferrett disagreed.

He felt a referendum in Europe had nothing to do with this case.

Cllr Ferrett, who worked in the immigration service for about 12 years, instead questioned the current asylum system in the UK.

He said: ‘I think it does highlight and understate the need to have a system that works efficiently and far more quickly because clearly someone who has managed to remain in the country for over a decade proves the current system is not fit for purpose.’