Portsmouth minehunter welcomes back her crew

Some of the ship's company who have been reunited with HMS Brocklesby
Some of the ship's company who have been reunited with HMS Brocklesby
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SHE has been undergoing a major refit on her engines for nearly a year.

Now Royal Navy minehunter HMS Brocklesby has been reunited with her ship’s company, much to the crew’s delight.

Lieutenant Commander Milly Ingham, the ship’s commanding officer, thanked those who helped repair Brocklesby, adding: ‘Reaching this significant point in HMS Brocklesby’s maintenance period gives me great pleasure.’

Her crew is now getting to grips with the all-new Brocklesby ahead of her sea trials.

The vessel’s refit started in May, at the Vernon Complex, inside Portsmouth Naval Base’s former shiphall site.

A team of 100 people have worked tirelessly to upgrade the 600-tonne vessel, spending around 190,000 hours carrying out a total of 9,000 maintenance jobs.

As well as replacing the ship’s propulsion system – including renewing Brocklesby’s 33-year-old engines – engineers and technicians also improved the minehunter’s machinery controls and the surveillance system.

Brocklesby is now expected to embark on sea trials in May.