Portsmouth North MP says Commons vote has given the ‘right decision’ to press ahead with the bombing of Syria

Portsmouth North MP and armed forces minister Penny Mordaunt
Portsmouth North MP and armed forces minister Penny Mordaunt
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PORTSMOUTH North MP Penny Mordaunt has backed the outcome of tonight’s government vote paving the way for Britain to bomb Syria.

An all-day debate over the issue resulted in 397 MPs voting in favour of the action as opposed to 223 against - a majority of 174.

Speaking immediately afterwards, the government’s armed forces minister said: ‘We have made the right decision and I am really pleased with the number of MPs who turned out and voted with their conscience.’

Ms Mordaunt said it means the government can now target terrorist faction Isil and ‘degrade its capability’.

She hasn’t give a timeframe for when bombing is likely set to begin, but said RAF planes are already flying near the Syrian border and it will be ‘business as usual’ tomorrow morning.

She insisted the estimated 70,000 moderate Syrian fighters cited by prime minister David Cameron as a force on the ground to defeat Isil would not be used to ‘take back Syria’ and a fresh government with military support would need to be drawn up through political means.

Havant MP Alan Mak said: ‘The House of Commons has taken a decisive, cross-party decision to take on Isil’s terrorists in Syria. This is the right decision for Britain’s national security and the future of the Middle East.

“Isil terrorists pose a direct threat to Britain and our way of life. Isil’s headquarters are in Syria, and we need to tackle them head on. The Paris attacks show what Isil terrorists are capable of, and tonight MPs from across Parliament have said with clarity and decisiveness: we will act to end their savagery before it is too late.

‘The UN Security Council has authorised action to defeat Isil terrorists, and tonight Parliament has overwhelmingly given its support Britain to joining our allies France and America to tackle Isil head on in Syria.’

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