Portsmouth sailors send back a bedtime story

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Thousands of miles from home, one of the things Royal Navy sailors miss the most is reading their children a bedtime story.

So the ship’s company of Portsmouth-based HMS Richmond have recorded one on video and sent it back to their loved ones.

HMS Richmond christmas message

HMS Richmond christmas message

The Type 23 frigate will be away this Christmas carrying out the lonely South Atlantic patrol.

But the mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters on board have not forgotten about their loved ones back home.

Many crew members have added their voices to a reading of the classic poem The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clark Moore, which they have recorded on video for all the children who will be missing a parent over the next few weeks.

Lieutenant Commander Mark Quinn, HMS Richmond’s weapon engineer officer, said: ‘The concept of the reading came from Chief Petty Officers Scott Adams and Garry Jones.

HMS Richmond christmas message

HMS Richmond christmas message

‘Because there are a lot of parents on board who will be away for Christmas, they wanted to create a message for their children to remind them that even though they are thousands of miles away, they are thinking of them at this very special time of the 

The video was recorded as the ship travelled between South Georgia and Cape Town.

HMS Richmond is currently undertaking the Royal Navy’s Atlantic Patrol tasking.

It involves carrying out maritime security operations, including counter narcotics and anti-piracy patrols.

HMS Richmond christmas message

HMS Richmond christmas message

It also gives the chance for the Royal Navy to work with partner nations.

HMS Richmond sailed from Portsmouth in August and is expected home early next year.

As reported last year in The News, the ship’s company of HMS Edinburgh recorded a seasonal video for their loved ones back home by dancing around the ship to the tune of The Darkness’ Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End).

The year before that, HMS Ocean managed to get Mariah Carey’s attention when they recorded a video to her hit song All I Want For Christmas Is You.