Portsmouth ships help rescue six from sinking tug

HMS Lancaster pictured leaving Portsmouth in January 2012
HMS Lancaster pictured leaving Portsmouth in January 2012
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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TWO Portsmouth warships have helped to rescue six people on a tugboat in the early hours of this morning.

The Christos 22 tugboat had pulled into the Devon coastline in order to check a problem when it was hit by the vessel it was carrying and started sinking.

The MV Emsstrom, a decommissioned vessel being towed by the tug became separated, but has since been secured.

Portsmouth-based HMS Lancaster and HMS Severn deployed to the site to help rescue people on the tugboat.

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said that crew on the two ships helped to contain the flooding and stop the boat from sinking.

The vessels were stood down at 3.30am today.

A Brixham Coastguard spokesman said: ‘At about 9pm last night it appears a tug’s tow had rammed in to the back of the tugboat.

‘The tug stopped and its tow collided with it.

‘The tug had eight people on board, and six have been rescued.

‘We issued a Mayday call and a number of people assisted, including two ships from Portsmouth.

‘We would like to say there are no reports of pollution in the sea and there has been no loss of diesel or oil.

‘Work is still on-going to rescue the remaining two people.’