Potential armed forces recruits ‘fed up’ with failed IT system, says senior MP

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POTENTIAL Army recruits have been lost because they have become so fed up with the Ministry of Defence’s failing IT recruitment system, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has admitted.

Mr Hammond said he received emails showing there were ‘a number of people’ who grew tired of the IT platform and dropped out of the recruitment process.

He said the MoD would seek to track down those frustrated potential recruits as he revealed the MoD has contracted Capita to build a new system costing £47.7m.

Answering an urgent question on the IT problems in the Commons, Mr Hammond said: ‘When we talk about recruits falling through the cracks we are talking about people who have become frustrated with the delay in the process and have dropped out and gone away. We are seeking to track those people and go back and as it were to re-engage them.

‘But I know from anecdotal evidence, e-mails that I get, that there are a number of people out there who have just got fed up of the system and given up and the Army is acutely conscious of the fact we cannot afford to waste any potential recruits.’