Prime Minister sends letter of congratulations to hero Eddie

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THE Prime Minister sent a letter of congratulations to Commander Eddie Grenfell ahead of his Arctic Star medal presentation.

David Cameron wrote: ‘I am writing to send you my warm congratulations on what I know is a most important day for you as you finally receive the Arctic Star.

Mr Cameron also said he was sorry to hear that Eddie wasn’t well enough to make the London ceremony this morning, where other Arctic Convoy veterans received medals for their acts of bravery and heroism during the Second World War.

He added: ‘You and fellow veterans have fought this campaign in a very dignified way and, as one would expect from men who know it is to face great adversity, you ensured that your voiced continued to be heard by a generation who can only admire with awe the extraordinary bravery and fortitude of a very special group of men.

‘You have my greatest respect.’

Mr Cameron also reserved praise for Cdr Grenfell’s daughter Trudie, who has supported his campaign for justice since its beginnings 16 years ago.

‘I am sure that the presentation in Portsmouth will be very special both to you and to your daughter Trudie, who I know has been of great support to you as you worked towards this very special day.’

Mr Cameron finished the typed letter by writing in hand; ‘With my best wishes for a speedy recovery, yours, David.’