Public rallies behind missing Gosport sailor’s wife

OVERWHELMED Rachael MacColl, the wife of missing sailor Timmy MacColl at her baby shower
OVERWHELMED Rachael MacColl, the wife of missing sailor Timmy MacColl at her baby shower

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THE pregnant wife of missing Gosport sailor Timmy MacColl was ‘overwhelmed’ when family and friends threw her a baby shower – thanks to the generosity of hundreds of people she’s never even met.

Supporters of the ‘Bring Timmy Home’ Facebook campaign donated money to buy gifts for Timmy and Rachael’s unborn child who is due in October.

The 25-year-old mum-of-two has been in agony ever since her husband went missing in Dubai in the early hours of May 27.

The 27-year-old Leading Seaman vanished after a night out drinking with shipmates from HMS Westminster during a break from operations in the Gulf.

The baby shower was held at Crossley Community Centre in Rowner.

Rachael’s grandmother, Brenda Cunningham, said: ‘When she arrived she was quite overwhelmed by how many people were there. It was all set up with decorations and all the presents were laid out.

‘She had a big smile on her face and that stayed on the whole time. It was so lovely to see.

‘It was a great day. It showed how much people cared about her and thought about her.’

Timmy’s desperate family and Dubai police have been searching for him ever since he was reported missing by the navy, but to no avail.

A Facebook group set up by relatives has 110,000 members, many of which have posted comforting messages of support and sympathy.

Brenda said: ‘The messages of support and everything have been fantastic.

‘People from the Facebook page donated money for gifts for the baby shower and they sent it through Mothercare.’

Timmy’s warship returned home to Portsmouth without him on August 13.

‘After the ship came in we had 10 days or two weeks where it was a bit flat and everybody felt very low,’ Brenda said.

‘But the baby shower has really lifted us.

‘It was very kind of everybody and their way of showing their support.

‘It was a really positive thing. From our perspective, it makes a change to have a good news story.’

Dubai police continue to investigate the case as a missing persons inquiry.