Push is on to get final names of those who died on war memorial

CAMPAIGN Jean Louth when her Harry Short's name was added to the war memorial in Portsmouth in June
CAMPAIGN Jean Louth when her Harry Short's name was added to the war memorial in Portsmouth in June
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SHE has spent more than two decades campaigning to get the names of everyone from Portsmouth who died during the Second World War put on the city’s memorial.

Now the final part of Jean Louth’s quest is under way – and she needs everyone’s help to ensure all those killed during the Blitz get a mention on plaques in Guildhall Square.

The 80-year-old, with the help of Portsmouth City Council, has already helped to gather all those from the armed forces who gave their lives.

Now the authority wants her to help collect the names of all civilians on the home front, including family members, police officers, ambulance drivers and doctors, who were killed.

Mrs Louth, of West Leigh, already has 1,400 civilian names, and is missing about 80 to complete the project.

She said: ‘So many people who were just ordinary citizens helped everyone out during the war.

‘Some were just children and some were ambulance drivers, police officers and air raid wardens. They did their little bit.

‘It could be somebody’s grandmother who was killed when an air-raid shelter was hit. It is about remembering anyone who was killed during the Blitz.

‘It was the council’s idea, I thought my job was done but it asked me to still be on the team, and I was glad to do it.’

As reported, Mrs Louth’s father Harry Short was killed in Dunkirk, and he was the inspiration for her campaign to see a memorial erected to commemorate those killed during the war.

In June, one of the final plaques containing Mr Short’s name was unveiled after a military parade to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

To request a name, contact Mrs Louth on (023) 9278 6775 or write to her at 194 Wakefords Way, West Leigh, Havant, PO9 5QD.

Names need to be submitted by August 31 as that is when the final piece of the memorial is completed.