Re-enactment marks 200 years since battle

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A NEW plaque will remember the dead from one of the most brutal naval battles of the nineteenth century.

The 200th commemoration was held at Chesapeake Mill, in Wickham, remembering those who died during the battle between the USS Chesapeake and HMS Shannon.

A re-enactment of the battle, which saw Captain Philip Broke lead his 38-gun Royal Navy ship to victory, was performed at the mill.

Captain Broke was enforcing a blockade against the Americans just off Boston.

John Wain is chairman of the Britannia Naval Research Association.

He hosted visitors from Texas, America, who had come for the commemoration.

He said: ‘The 41st Regiment of Foot re-enacters from South Wales came down.

‘One was dressed as a US soldier, one as a British infantryman, with their arms.

‘The exercised in front of the mill and led the ceremony with the two flags, once they’d been sent down from the mast we erected at the front of the building.’

Timber from Chesapeake was sold on after she was dismantled.

They were used to build the mill, which is now at the Chesapeake Mill Antiques Centre.